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Is it fair that I’m becoming disillusioned with dating? It’s odd, but I’ve noticed an alarming trend in all my suitors. Yep! They, somehow, have it in their head that I’m an island. 

Let it all out, young one…
I know I’ve got a huge personality, for days even. But for the ones I’ve dated and those I’m considering to think of me as an island, is odd. I mean I am a package. Who I am did not miraculously happen. No. It was partly nurtured and molded by my family… MY FAMILY!

I know my siblings and my mom, especially, have larger than life personalities. I also know that most people find them intimidating. But they are very accommodating, and I do mean VERY ACCOMODATING, despite their “indifference demeanour”.

Oh, no you didn’t!
The most recent manifestation of “this” happened this week. I was on a dinner date when I ran into my mom, who was coincidentally at the same restaurant with her friends. She had no clue I’d be there, neither did I her.
Anyhow, she spotted me and came by to say hi. She was warm and friendly, to both of us. After she left, the moron I was with started behaving funny. But I did not let my date’s mood get in the way of a beautiful evening. In the end, everything turned out great.

The next day, the douche sends me an SMS telling me how intimidated they felt when mommy-dearest came by. It went on to say that they felt “out of place” and “I would rather stay away from your family”.

HUH?? “Bye-bye loser” was the only thing on my mind after reading that nonsense. And yes, I told them to get lost, and haven’t responded to the plethora of messages and calls I’ve been inundated with since.

Really guys, get a life…
I mean I’m embracing of people’s families, no matter how “out of place” I feel and all the bull I have to put-up with. I understand the magic I see in whoever I’m with was partly molded by their family. And that if I’m so taken by them, I have to love and honour their relatives too.

So why do these people find it hard to do the same? Could it be that they are selfish? Or am I the problem in this equation, cos I somehow attract or have crushes on these morons?

Last, but not least…
Whatever the case is, Something’s Got To Give, like Moodphase 5ive once sang, cos I’m steadily losing faith in what life has to offer me in terms of a suitor, y’all.

The grass seems greener on the other side ‘cos it’s full of shit. Once you get there, you discover how much it reeks.

Words of Wisdom

When my friend told me this, at a time I was going through changes, moi thought she was just bitter. Fast-forward to today, and moi knows she hit the nail on the head. Now ain’t hindsight just a “female dog”. #SMH



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Venturing out for a simple night about my favourite city turned into an adventure. What was to be an uneventful evening became anything but.

The original plan…
Having settled on the idea of a conservative Friday night, I set out to my “quiet spot” to enjoy a drink before going home. That was the plan.
I had it all sorted in my mind; a single glass of my favourite spirit was on the cards. You know, something to taper off after a long day. That was the plan and I was sticking to it, so I told myself.

Just as I settled into “my seat” at my favourite Johannesburg lounge, ideal cos it’s a place where one can gather their thoughts, I was interrupted by an alluring voice.
“Can I join you?” it said. “Yes. Sure you can,” I responded.
This is an interesting person, I thought to myself, hoping they wouldn’t ruin the charm as soon as they opened their mouth.

Playing the ‘avoidance’ game…
I made nothing of the “intrusion”, thinking I can’t blame them. After all, this is the best seat in the house. I proceeded to minding my business, avoiding eye contact and any cues that would invite conversation. My plan was working, and my favourite spirit was caressing all the right spots  just as anticipated.

Trouble with a capital ‘T’…
Then all hell broke loose on my fifth sip. By then, the intruder was becoming bolder, having gone from pointless small talk to attempting a full-on conversation. What a yawn, I thought.
But all my avoidance tactics were failing at this stage.

On my second glass, I decided to indulge “stranger danger”. With my
one-drink plan now out the window, I engaged the intruder  who was, at that point, becoming more and more interesting.
The conversation went from being random nonsense to engaging banter. By then, I had let my hair down, contributing enthusiastically to the discussion. What a relief, I thought… “At least ‘stranger danger’ is charming, after all.”

The turning point…
Stranger and I then left the lounge to go to a club. By then, it felt like I’d known them for a long time. Our interaction was effortless, easy and relaxed. The vibe between us was, at this point, off the scale.
All my cares were gone. Getting lost in the moment was all that mattered. I took it all in, ingesting, digesting and enjoying every second. I was lost and time was relative. This felt great. Stranger had now graduated to being “a beautiful stranger”.

Conclusion time…
After an exhilarating, magical and unforgettable experience with the beautiful stranger, it was time for us to part ways.
Although I had über fun, I’m quiet happy to be stuck with the memory of an unforgettable evening. I will never forget “beautiful stranger”, but certain things are better enjoyed as once-off experiences.

If “beautiful stranger” ever comes across or reads this: “THANKS for the magic. I will never forget you.”
The only thing left is to make sure we never cross paths… *chuckles*

Plunge boldly into the thick of life, and seize it where you will, it is always interesting.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


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On the 9th of June I grew wiser. As you can imagine, this was a time of reflection  and boy did I have one hell of a chest planted deep in my head that just had to be looked at in detail… LOL!

What is this chest?
Well, it’s usually dusty and comes out every year  at the point where wisdom and knowledge intersect in my head  to bless me with maturity. It contains all my successes, failures and aspirations. 

This is where I review the past year and plot a path to my bright future.

So what did you find in there?
Honestly, I found a lot of good things. Although there were a few things I would’ve done differently, I’m glad they happened the way they did. Heck, those were my lessons.

Spill the beans…

All things considered, I’m glad to be alive and living a life I’m generally content with. I’m proud of myself. I’ve achieved a lot in my relatively short existence.
 But before I toot my horn any louder, I’ll be the first to admit that I still have quite a climb ahead of me.

So impart your newly found wisdom…

With a better understanding of the maze I’m navigating, I’ve come to appreciate my strengths. My life has been one hell of a ride, and I’m glad that “I did it my way”, 
as Frank “Ol’ Blue Eyes" Sinatra once sang.
I will continue to put my best foot forward in my quest for greatness.

Lucky are those who have basked in your presence, enjoyed your essence and touched your aura.
You have graced them with your splendour, how fortunate they are.
You are gorgeous, beautiful, amazing, brilliant, awesome and Godly… but you have yet to meet me.

Words of Wisdom

I soooo can’t wait for the day you touch my life  in a permanent way, Beautiful Stranger.



Caption: And then she asks: ‘I wonder, are you the one?’


With a growing number of failed “serious” relationships safely in the bag, it’s clear, “I’m quite a fussy lover”. It also begs a nagging question. Yep, “who will finally tame me”  and walk away with the best heart this side of the millennium?

Really, who has what it takes? HMMM! I wonder…

Titles under me belt…
I’ve had a fair amount of “serious, down-the-aisle” kinda romances. I mean, two is plenty by any standard. Right? Followed closely by three or four “this could the one” stints.

So yes, I’ve been around the block… a few times, even. But I just can’t seem to crack it. I know “I’m demanding”, but love has been on the table every time. Honestly!

New trend? Huh? What’s that about?
Okay. With a respectable number of exes now in my wake, I find that I’m becoming quite fussy about who gets to take me for a spin. I mean, my body is in great nick, y’all. Can I get an amen for low mileage, baby?! LOL!

Really, whom I wake up next to has become my yolk of mankind. Talk about tallying the body count stats and being obsessed with keeping them low… really low. I guess that matters when being someone’s spouse crosses your mind  every now and again. Right?

Are you cast on stone?
Not really. Although I’m set in my ways (not surprising considering I’ve spent the better part of about a quarter of a century refining them), I am also flexible. Heck, I secretly live by the mantra: “Give love a chance.”
Surely, someone out there believes it too, and places it above their ego. Hopefully. 

And to bury the hatchet…
Truth is, I don’t know who’ll be fortunate enough to take me down the “happily-ever-after” autobahn, but I am certain that they’ll enjoy every mile of that journey  even with the occasional pothole, and all.

Innocence never lost… reminds you of truth. A soul is never lost… as long as you listen.
Words of Wisdom


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And then it happened… that thing happened… that magic happened. And it would change everything I knew about myself. It touched the purest part of my being and surged through my body like an electrical charge. I knew it then… change was here… and change was here to stay. 

Bye old me…
They say there comes a time in life when you know something about you has changed. They also say it’s the point of no return. Now this could either be good or bad. But when fate deals you the good card, that’s when your horizons expand and everything becomes clearer, brighter and more colourful.

I had lived in my shadow for so long that it was my reality. It never even dawned on me that I was half living. I had missed out on so much, from the birds chirping to what the gentle breeze kissing my skin felt like. It was like none of the beauty I’ve awakened to ever existed.

Hello new me…
Suddenly, everything I touch turns into perfection and all I do has a meaningful purpose. With more perspective and understanding, the world has become a bigger, mysterious place… NICE!
I love this, this feeling… the feeling of being excited by everything and the prospect of discovering new things.

Meu pai used to say “travel light when navigating the world”. I obviously misinterpreted this because we went everywhere. But his words make more sense to me today, than they have ever. 

Up, up and away…
As I grow into a more mature and awakened version of me, ringing in my head are the words, “stay far from timid. Only make moves when ya heart’s in it. And live the phrase ‘Sky’s The Limit’,” to Notorious B.I.G’s song, Sky Is The Limit.

#FYI, not even the sky is the limit. #justSaying… LOL!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but the image of your smile is priceless.

Words of Wisdom

What I would give to hear these words… HAAAAAA! I guess the thought of knowing that someone cares about your happiness is mind-blowing.

HMMM! I suppose my response would be: “You blow my mind.” LOL!!